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Riddle me this, riddle me that Event: Sun 15th Sep

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Starting Time 7:30pm GMT


TFA's Riddle Cup is up and running, do you think you have the brains, speed, and dexterity to be the

Riddle Cup Champion  ???

This event will be set over 10 riddles all over tyria so make sure you have your map opened to stand a good chance to compete against your fellow Riddle Cup Competitiors.

The first riddle (the easiest) will start off the games and will end once a member find's the location of the riddle master (that being me  ;)) You have to be exactly on the Riddle Master's spot to claim the token. The tokens will be calculated at the end of the ten riddles, the member holding the highest amount of tokens wins 1st prize and gets the title of Riddle Cup Champion till the next Riddle Cup. Then we will have 2nd and 3rd place who also recieve a prize but no title sadly.

After that any member competing will get a booby prize out of the "Booby Bag" no there are no boobs in there for you dirty mined foes. This will be calculated randomly by myself assigning numbers to booby prizes so that the booby prize members can select a number to see what random prize they get (Be warned, the booby bag isn't always nice)  :'(.

So sign up get ready for an evening of fun and mystery and the chance to have the glory of holding above all members that "YOU" are the Riddle Cup Champion 8)

Good Luck to all who enters



Regardless of the above.

It sounds like an interesting event, you could see me log on for this. (As id like to see how it works and steal the idea for an eve event or something :D).

I do enjoy a good riddle  :D

yay riddle hunt :)

Thanks for putting this up Shadow :)


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