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General Discussion / Rogue One Teaser
« on: April 07, 2016, 12:25:56 PM »

Well, I'm psyched. Disney look to be doing the Star Wars name absolutely well, cant wait till December.

Seen it twice, 2nd time round its just even better (helps the 2nd screening was quieter than the midnight one I went too first). Saw it in 2d both times, not a fan of 3d.

I mooch around from time to time on LOTRO (less so now I started eve again after my retirement lasted 5 months!), also decided to move to Laurelin. Will be moving the kin, the characters and so on this week. 

General Discussion / Re: Game UK
« on: November 14, 2014, 08:48:48 PM »
As part of the PC master race I gave up using them years ago.

I stick to steam mostly, or ShopTo if I want a physical copy for some reason beyond "wouldnt it be nice".

General Discussion / Re: Alien: Isolation
« on: July 01, 2014, 07:14:30 PM »
Eagerly eagerly awaiting this.

Lost me at console only. Even if it looks like something I should play.

* Mangala is a proud card carrying member of the pfft consoles Master Race

General Discussion / Re: Wildstar
« on: June 09, 2014, 09:40:05 PM »
Hi everyone !!
Anyone has a spare trial pass please ? :-)

Tip dl the client before redeeming your code (if you get one),  I lost 2 days to that (and then the weekend to EVE), so have like 3 days left to try it. 

General Discussion / Re: Wildstar
« on: June 05, 2014, 03:02:38 PM »
So, tell me about this.  Is it good, whats it like? Is the PVE fun, engaging etc etc?
I can pm you a guest pass that works for 7 days if you want? Let me know.

What's it like? Well it's like an updated WoW, with excellent an excellent combat system, very dynamic.
Still your basic questing guff though. Housing is novel.

I'll snag that pass - at least i can then say Kurtt and I played another game together if only for a while :D

General Discussion / Re: Wildstar
« on: June 04, 2014, 10:24:39 AM »
So, tell me about this.  Is it good, whats it like? Is the PVE fun, engaging etc etc?

General Discussion / Re: Wolfenstein: The New Order
« on: May 30, 2014, 05:24:16 PM »
I'm tempted to get this, but really need to finish switching over to SSD's first.

General Discussion / Re: Top 10 best looking large spaceships
« on: May 30, 2014, 12:35:53 PM »
Posting so I remember to go through and find my favourites and post them (even if some of them have been already).

Everquest Next Landmark / Re: Location of your claim! (Closed Beta)
« on: March 27, 2014, 09:01:03 AM »
When I figure this out I'll let you know where I claim. Im on Satisfaction I think...

(I caved in after a minecraft binge...)

im good with whatever you all choose.

Live from Blighty

General Discussion / Re: Forum Updates
« on: November 09, 2013, 12:36:05 PM »
Not sure whether this was delayed or whether there was another problem but this site was offline when I tried to access it overnight....about 4 am I think.

Yeah ended up delayed - I only found out after the fact.

General Discussion / Re: Forum Updates
« on: November 06, 2013, 12:47:40 PM »
Not so much a forum update - although we are now running the latest Tapatalk (which is now a free app btw) - as a website update:

Further to our previous email 'Server Move/Upgrade Notification (Please Read)', the new server is finally in place and ready for the upgrade.

You won't need to take any action for the hosting account(s) listed below. The server will be offline from midnight the night before to approximately 06:00 on the day of the upgrade, so your website(s) will be unavailable during this time. Any email sent to the server while it is offline should be queued until the server comes back online.

Starscream will be upgraded tonight after midnight (early hours of 07/11/2013

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