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Recruitment / Re: Alliance application
« on: August 19, 2012, 11:06:54 AM »
Thanks for the welcome guys!

Dewen- Aye Hong Kong is a great place and the sevens is a huge event now, tickets sell for a fortune if you can get them at all. Did you fly into the old Kai Tak airport? an event in itself!
I move into a new apartment in Kennedy Town on the 1st of September hope it wont interfere with my GW playing :)

Mangala- RvB is something I never tried in EVE! would be tempted but iv'e let my subscription lapse with GW coming (hard to sleep at night with nothing training  ;D) I had moved back to high sec and joined (BoB) band of builders. losing to many ships to Brick Squad out in Stain, I was part of Hub Zero if you heard about that? Good times.

Randomlampy- loads of Geordies over here! I'm heading back to the Toon for Christmas, Getting ready for reverse culture shock. Hope I can still speak the lingo!

Recruitment / Alliance application
« on: August 18, 2012, 01:37:47 PM »
- Your GW2 Display Name - the one in the form of "Playername.1234".
- Your real life age.
- Your main's character class.
- A bit about who you are, how you play, and about your gaming and MMORPG history.
I'm an ExPat Brit (Newcastle) Living in Hong Kong, have been in the City four years now and and hopefully here to stay. I'm a fan of science fiction and all things futurist.
MMO's are the games that really interest me, and I tend to get rather more engaged than is probably healthy.
My main experience is with EVE online, which I seem to have been playing forever. I love the dark sci-fi feel and sandbox element but am now looking for a change.
GW2 has me really excited by its scale and scope, I'm looking for a world to explore not just a theme park. I do like to rp to an extent, I treat gaming a bit like reading a book, the more you let yourself get swept up the more you enjoy it.
- What attracts you in our community, and also, what do you think we can do for you?
Community is a massive part of an MMO! there's no way I would have spent so much time in Eve without the joking and the banter it really makes a game. Im looking for a mature, fun, stable community with no pressure or in-fighting, I think I might be in the right place!

Anyhoo sorry to bore you, look forward to meeting you all,


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