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Guild Wars 2 / Re: Hate to say it but need to be said :(
« on: August 16, 2013, 03:08:19 PM »
Okay firstly you guys are so friendly and a good bunch ;) Me starting this thread wasnt to instigate tension between members but to get us playing closer together as a guild and know we have a place to come from our RL life to relax and enjoy the time in the world of gw2. I looked at all the replies and agree with many things said but we all have our own thoughts towards how a guild should run. I hope you can take time to look into my thoughts and please nobody should take any comment i've made as an attack or insult as its only what i feel should be not necessarily what has to happen, Cheers.
Okay to start I hope members can appreciate the fact that people who have transferd from Dark Element to Join TFA are disappointed in some way, although im only talking for myself but i could see others feeling the same as me. We moved and paid RL money to change server to be in a guild that we were told actively done Guild events and more content than what we could achieve, I myself gave up months of website building and time in putting together my guild and money for vent comm's etc. And over the months gone things have got to the point of the same situation I/We were in in DARK ending up not able to guild trek, bounty, or anything with bigger numbers than 5 members. And thinking TFA would be our best bet I decided to do a merge with TFA which was not at all a well organised merge by not even having a meeting or discussion with the guild leader but just given an inv and nothing more said, but this is a different matter that maybe should be talked between myself and the GL.
I do feel a guild leader needs to be a big figurehead  "A Leader" in the guild and active in game more than anyone else sorting and organising and keeping members active with regular events and new ideas to spice the game up as well as being the main decider in guild changing events. But understandably all members need to play a part in the guild be it organising, recruiting, coming up with ideas or just turning up for events. If members try things do improve and with that the guild should become more active.
I do believe a "structure" needs to be made and implanted in a guild as a must to give members a stable time and day on a weekly basis for logging to do events etc. having such a system helps people move RL stuff to days that don't conflict their guild time and that they have enough time to know how to plan their week.
I do think the recruitment rules need to change as from what i read in the thread. You need to allow active in game recruitment. Recruitment through forums is a waste of time and i can say that through lots of experience since day one of gw2. This does not mean you have to spam in game over and over the system ive always used was to post from a set template a couple time a week over a dozen zones. This could be done by several members at the same time posting the same template in different zones. And if any interest arises the person is advised to contact the recruiting officer or to apply to the website link.
Okay now that I've given my opinion I feel since starting this thread it's a duty that I personally push for events to start so with this I will get the ball rolling (hopefully not treading in anyone's organising toes) I will be starting a repeated guild event for every Thurs night 7pm/7:30pm GMT unless i am occupied with RL but that would be when i have no ability to change RL to a differnt date. This will hopefully involve a dungeon run, Fractal, WVW, Farming, or helping out members on story modes or if enough are signed a guild event, but if its a guild event the GL/Elder who has starting abilites need to activate the quest chain to do this.

Also ill try and put a selection of new ideas up on calendar with plenty of sign up time. This might be things such as - guild lotto - lvl an alt night - hide and seek treasure hunt/riddles for members to compete to get to the end first for prises. Mentor nights for members to learn from skilled members who play specific professions who struggle with or need help in refining their own character, maybe tied to alt nights. But keep an eye on the forum page and ill post up anything on calendar and on the forum in the near future of anything new that might spark some fun within the guild.
Cheers for reading, msg me in game if you want to talk or want me on mumble etc.
Shadow ;)

P.S If you want a sig done for the forum pages like mine below give me a shout as i make them and have a good few blank templates from when i was GL in DARK.

Dungeon/Fractal or Guild Event (Min 5 Signed to go ahead) 7:30pm GMT. If odd numbers are signed more than 5 members, after the first dungeon run/fractal the 6th signup etc will then take part in the second run etc. So all signup's have a chance to participate in the evenings event.

Please make sure your on time and ready on mumble ;) And lets have some fun.

Cheers Shadow

Guild Wars 2 / Re: Location, Location, Location!
« on: August 14, 2013, 07:08:13 PM »
I'm in Norwich  :o home of mustard and Alan Partridge

Guild Wars 2 / Hate to say it but need to be said :(
« on: August 14, 2013, 07:04:46 PM »
Hi all,

Okay please dont take this as a rant or to heart  but i feel i need to speak out and ask that the higher members in the guild (Guild Leader/ Officers) work out the guild's structure and what its trying to achieve?

Maybe from your view's the guild's running fine? But personally for me im really disheatened to know that i gave up my guild and running as a guild leader to come over with a good amount of members from DARK as we all felt something had to be done within our guild to help us get more out of the game. So we came to TFA with warm welcome's and you guys are great. "BUT" this guild in my opinion is in the same position as DARK before we left with not enough members online to make guilding worth doing if able to do at all. Personally if this stays like this i think the guild will fragment into nothing.

I feel the guild needs to get a regular weekly meeting together of ranking members guild leader/officers and implement events that run at least once a week on a specific day and time to do things such as guild rush/trek/bounty. Also then if possible get another day where fractals or dungeons can be run by small amounts online, maybe to find the best day for members is to open a poll or vote sytsem to get a jist of when most are online.

If a structure is made on times and dates members will get used to coming on then to least do events worth while and maybe use the guilds off days to do Real Life stuff. If no structure is implemented no oganised members will come on and it will be like now where there is never enough to do anything. Also recruiting needs to be done to boost numbers. Nothing drastic as i think this is a homely guild and prefers members to be people and not numbers like we were in DARK. But a handful of new members would help in getting things moving.

As i stated please dont take this as a rant but more as a "former Guild Leader" seeing a situation that has troubled many guilds before inculding my own and must not really be left to run it course as we all know what happens to guilds that do that.

If you feel you need to talk to me or want help with the guild im here to assist.

Cheers Shadow

Community Events / Event (Guild) for Fri 16th Aug 7pm onwards pls
« on: August 14, 2013, 06:41:22 PM »
Hi third time lucky i guess for posting and asking for guild event for this fri.

Cheers Shadow

Hi can someone pls post a guild event for 8pm thurs the 8th. Needing more tokens and not done anything guildy in quite some time now.

Cheers Shadow

I'm in  ;)

Guild Wars 2 / Re: Guild Events Please
« on: July 29, 2013, 08:00:19 PM »
Ah so we can sign an event and date, but i wouldnt be able to inciate the event though not having access to guild bounty and rush, so i do still need to rely on a officer or higher to be able to start the event, if thats correct?

Guild Wars 2 / Guild Events Please
« on: July 28, 2013, 07:38:03 PM »
Hi Guys just wanted to ask if we can get a few more calendar events up maybe on Thurs 1st Aug this week. such as rush and bounty as i need a few more tokens and would be good to progress a little further with a few more upcoming events.

Cheers Shadow

Guild Wars 2 / Re: Karma Time
« on: June 12, 2013, 12:46:38 PM »
Karma boosts at its max can produce 1000's more points if done correctly than nomal karma chugging and if like most your going for legendary items of such you need these karma points to plough into karma items such as Obsidian Shards. This i feel is more important in my opinion than MF as MF you can stack loads yourself to get enough of a chance for rare drops etc, which still to this day is or isnt worht it. But im sure making one day a month on calendar for placing a banner/bonfire and allowing members to stack all boosts is easy to do and helps members wanting the best from their karma stacks.

- Your GW2 Display Name - Shadowborn.3529
- Your real life age -33
- Your main's character class - Thief all the way (D/P-S/B Build)

- A bit about who you:

Well im a long time gamer & player of MMO's been through lotro, swtor, gw, conan, and a good  few more and now concertrating on GW2 and i think have been in contact with a few TFA in my past through guilds. I've been a guild leader in many and was a guild leader in GW2. Dark Element in Desolation, Breg knows Nick well and after thoughts we all come to the conclusion that moving guilds would be the best for all, especially that i now want to take a back seat from being a guild leader (to much RL stuff nowadays). So its nice that we had TFA to merge too and make a home in Gandara. I am a leader more than a follower but happy to do both and know a good chunk about running a guild site as well as a guild. All in all im easy going like to have a laugh enjoy the feeling of being in a guild that treats its members as people and not a number, so looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know you better.

- Optional: Are you leaving a guild to join us? If yes, why? Yes Dark Element (My Baby) just could'nt invest enough time or had enough backing to promote the guild into becoming larger, and now with RL i have no time to do that alone so moved to TFA with guildies being breg nick and me trying to get a merge done.

- Optional: How did you learn about us: Breg knows Nick and we played together before merging.

Cheers for reading and speak to you all soon.


Guild Wars 2 / Karma Time
« on: June 12, 2013, 11:21:12 AM »
Hi guys, was thinking from my days as Guild Leader from DARK i used to make an evening at an alloted time when most were online a Karma Event to benefit from a karma boost bonfire etc so members could pop karma pots themselves and grind through their jugs vials etc to get the highest return from using them. If possible i'd love to see a day like this once a month or once every two months so the stacks of karma can be used for the highest return on karma points.

Cheers Shadow

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